About Us

About VycellixTM, Inc.

Vycellix, Inc. is a private, immuno-centric discovery life science company, advancing the development of transformational platform technologies to enhance and optimize next-generation cell & gene-based therapies, including T cell and Natural Killer (NK) cell-based cancer therapies.

The Company’s platforms include:

  • VY-UC to generate immune-privileged universal cells without altering the components that control self-recognition (HLA), obviating the need for immune-suppressive drugs in contexts of allogeneic cell therapies, hence redefining “off-the-shelf” treatment strategies
  • VY-OZ to significantly enhance gene transduction rates and modify cells for immunotherapies and beyond
  • VY-M to accelerate expansion of cells, including immune cells, resulting in shorter “vein-to-vein” delivery time of new cell therapies to patients
  • VY-X to amplify serial tumor-killing capacity of T cells and NK cells via the selective upregulation of cytotoxic mechanisms

Karolinska Institutet & NextGenNK

Vycellix’s platforms were all discovered by scientists at the world-renowned Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Stockholm, Sweden. The Company is a collaborative partner in “NextGenNK”, an international Competence Center for the development of next-generation NK cell-based cancer immunotherapies based at KI and funded by Sweden’s innovations agency, Vinnova. KI is globally recognized for its Nobel Assembly, which awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.